Pro Bono

pro bono.png

I no longer work in the not for profit sector but I am still a supporter. I know that there are a lot of fantastic people and organisations doing great work, without which our communities would be a lot poorer.

As a way of demonstrating my support I'm offering to build a simple website for a small not for profit each year. As I have a family (and a cat) to feed there are some strings attached so please read the following carefully before contacting me or passing this on to all your friends :)

  1. I build one pro bono site a year - once it is gone it is gone.
  2. The offer only applies to very small charities / community groups who would really struggle to pay for a site. If you have a reasonable income I'd be delighted to build a site for you for my normal rate and my cat gets to eat so everyone is happy.
  3. The offer is to build a simple website - i.e. a maximum of six pages - the standard - home / about / the services you offer / contact details etc. If you want something more complex or an e-commerce site please see previous point about paying me and the cat getting fed.
  4. I build websites using Squarespace. For a simple site they charge £120 a year (at time of writing) for hosting and you will need to pay this. The money goes to Squarespace, not me. If you don't have a domain name you will have to purchase this also - average cost around £10 per year.
  5. Before I start building the site you will have to provide me with all the copy and images (please make sure that you have permission to use the latter).
  6. Building a pro bono site needs to fit around my paid work, so this is not suitable if you need a site urgently or there is a time critical deadline.
  7. I can show you how to update the content of the site yourself. It is pretty simple and you don't have to be a tech genius. This is my preferred option. If you really want me to update the site I will do this, but it is not part of the pro bono offer and I will charge £25 per hour.

If you are still interested get in touch and we can have a chat about what is possible.